Towards The Real-Time Enterprise With Cloud-Native Application Architecture


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To compete in a fast-paced digital economy, businesses need to become real-time enterprises. This journey requires investment in digital transformation, as well as in developing, deploying, and scaling new cloud-native applications quickly and cost-effectively.

The software architectures that Global 2000 enterprises have been running their businesses on for the past fifteen years were not designed for the cloud and will not support this next generation of applications. This sea change allows not just data, but information and context to flow through an organization, be served up on-demand and allow better business decisions to be taken automatically.

This paper provides an overview of the trend towards the adoption of cloud-native application architectures by industry leaders as they embark on various digital transformation journeys. It is intended for technology executives at all levels of Global 2000 enterprises and government agencies. Deep understanding of modern cloud and application technologies is not required, although a general awareness of cloud computing, enterprise application architectures and big data is assumed.