Reactive Design Patterns

Roland Kuhn , Software Engineer, Data Artisans Engineer, Data Artisans
Jamie Allen, Production Engineering at Facebook


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Modern applications present incredible design challenges: we expect near-realtime performance while managing petabyte-scale data and distribution across environments ranging from traditional servers to cloud systems to mobile devices. The Reactive Application model addresses these demands through new patterns designed to "react" effectively to user and system events, changes in load, competition for shared system resources, and unanticipated failures. Although reactive design patterns can be implemented using standard enterprise development tools, you best realize the benefits when you pair them with a functional programming language like Scala and an Actor-based concurrency system like Akka.

Reactive Design Patterns is a clearly-written guide for building event-driven distributed systems that are resilient, responsive, and scalable. Written by the authors of the Reactive Manifesto, this book teaches you to apply reactive design principles to the real problems of distributed application development. You'll discover technologies and paradigms that can be used to build reactive applications including Akka and other actor-based systems, functional programming, replication and distribution, and implementation techniques such as futures, iteratees, and reactive streams. While the book presents concrete examples in Scala, Java, JavaScript, and Erlang, the primary goal is to introduce patterns and best practices that you can use to apply reactive principles to common problems you'll face when building distributed systems.

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