Webinar On-Demand

Scala Security:
Eliminate 200+ Code-Level Threats With Fortify SCA For Scala

Jeremy Daggett, Solutions Architect at Lightbend, Inc.

About the webinar

Ensuring the security and global compliance of your distributed systems can be difficult. In recent years, application security has become a paramount issue for both cloud-native enterprises and traditional businesses attempting digital transformation. At the root of this issue is the extreme risk of exposing just a single security vulnerability–catapulting your business into the daily news headlines and giving a shock to the trust of your customers.

Lightbend believes in helping you protect your users, your systems, and your business from abuse. That’s why we teamed up with Micro Focus to develop Fortify SCA for Scala, a security analysis tool that can detect and help you prevent over 200 application-level vulnerabilities for Scala applications.

Join Jeremy Daggett, Solutions Architect at Lightbend, to see how Fortify SCA for Scala works differently from existing Static Code Analysis tools to help you uncover security issues early in the SDLC of your mission-critical applications. Specifically, we will look at:

  • How this plugin compiles your Scala, Akka HTTP, and Play Framework application code into an intermediate representation
  • How Fortify analyzes this representation, identifying vulnerabilities and other issues, and then provides actionable recommendations and best practices
  • A demo that provides in-depth Scala analysis for hard-coded security threats and a sample of some of the 200+ most common vulnerabilities affecting Scala-based applications today.