How to Build Stateful, Cloud-Native Services With Akka & Kubernetes

Tips for running your stateful services as if they are stateless

Jonas Bonér, CTO & Co-Founder, Lightbend, Inc.


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Container and container orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes are becoming ubiquitous and indispensable tools for deploying and managing distributed systems at scale.

Along with the need to manage ever-increasing volumes of data, reliably, in close to real-time, we begin to see the use case for Reactive data-driven services and streaming pipelines. This means that we need to move:

  • From traditional stateless, behavior-driven services and high latency, batch-oriented data processing
  • To stateful, data-driven services and low latency, stream-oriented data processing

In this white paper by Jonas Bonér–the creator of Akka and co-founder/CTO of Lightbend–we take a fresh look at how two technologies, Akka and Kubernetes, can give us the best of both worlds: developing, deploying, and managing cloud-native services that are at once stateful–in control of their data–and running in production with all the freedom of a stateless environment.