Reactive Microservices: From Prototype To Production Ready Systems


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Make Your Journey To Reactive Microservices Easier

You know that the future of software lies in Reactive architectures. Your users - and your business - want everything these hyper-responsive, resilient, elastically scalable applications have to offer.

But where to begin, and how to begin? Most likely, your day is already busy with tasks and to-dos, leaving you little time to continue learning. With so much great content out there, namely from our prolific Lightbend authors like Jonas Bonér, Markus Eisele, Konrad Malawski, Hugh McKee and Ed Callahan, it can be tough to identify where to start. Meet the Reactive Microservices Journey Pack: From Prototype to Production, the first of Lightbend’s new “Journey Packs”, designed as a downloadable capsule of curated technical content.

Inside are three curated O’Reilly eBooks from Lightbend authors, leading you through the concepts around Reactive Microservices (i.e. from WTH to production ready) in about 200 pages:

  1. Reactive Microservices Architecture: Design Principles For Distributed Systems
    (by Jonas Bonér)
  2. Developing Reactive Microservices: Enterprise Implementation In Java
    (by Markus Eisele)
  3. Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution Of Microservices At Scale
    (by Jonas Bonér)