Webinar On-Demand

Detecting Real-Time Financial Fraud
with Cloudflow on Kubernetes

Gerard Maas, Principal Engineer at Lightbend

About the webinar

New Name - Cloudflow is now Akka Data Pipelines

Deploying a robust streaming data pipeline can be a daunting task when your company’s financial information is at risk. For starters, how do you ensure proper provisioning of resources? And how do you preserve end-to-end application and data consistency? Answer: Cloudflow, a new open-source toolkit for simplifying the development, deployment, and operation of streaming data pipelines.

In this webinar, streaming systems expert, O’Reilly author, and Lightbend Principal Engineer Gerard Maas introduces you to Cloudflow. Together we will:

  • Explore the Cloudflow API in action through a financial fraud detection application
  • Learn how to assemble your own application blueprint and run it locally before deploying it–YAML free–to a Kubernetes cluster.

By the end of this talk, you’ll be able to start working with Cloudflow in your own streaming data pipeline.