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Cloudstate - Towards Stateful Serverless

Jonas Bonér, CTO & Co-founder of Lightbend, Inc.

About the webinar

New Name - Cloudstate is now Akka Serverless

The Serverless experience is revolutionary and will grow to dominate the future of cloud computing; however, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)—with its ephemeral, stateless, and short-lived functions—is only the first step.

FaaS is great for processing intensive, parallelizable workloads: moving data from A to B providing enrichment and transformation along the way, for example. But it is quite limited and constrained in the use-cases it addresses well, which makes it a poor choice for general-purpose application development and distributed systems protocols.

In this webinar by Jonas Bonér, creator of Akka and CTO/Co-Founder of Lightbend, we take a look at Cloudstate. Cloudstate lets you model, manage, and scale stateful services while preserving responsiveness by designing for resilience and elasticity. We’ll specifically review:

  • What we need: a next-generation Serverless platform and programming model for general-purpose application development—e.g. Streaming data pipelines, Reactive Microservices, ML, etc.
  • What is missing: support for long-lived virtual stateful services, a way to manage distributed state in a scalable and available fashion, ways to physically co-locate data and processing, and options for choosing the right data consistency model for the job.
  • How to do it: The challenges, requirements, and a proposed solution implementing Stateful Serverless with Cloudstate, which leverages Akka, gRPC, Knative, GraalVM, running on Kubernetes.