Business Brief

Cloudflow: Accelerate Your Real-Time Streaming Journey


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Organizations invest in big data to get more insight into their business. They then invest in data science teams to build and train machine learning (ML) models for making better business decisions.

Both are excellent steps. However, the greatest value can be realized by operationalizing data for real-time business decisions and customer optimizations. And that requires streaming data pipelines.

In this business brief, you’ll explore Cloudflow, a powerful open-source framework for building scalable, streaming data pipelines in Kubernetes utilizing one or more streaming engines. You’ll also discover how Cloudflow enables:

  • Increased developer productivity
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Reduced business risk

Cloudflow simplifies the development and integration of streaming applications, reducing the barrier to embracing real-time applications that power your digital transformation—and allow your enterprise to quickly act on new business opportunities presented by streams of data.