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Akka Serverless Open Beta:
Stateful Services Made Simple

Jonas Bonér, CEO & Founder at Lightbend, Inc.
James Ward, Developer Advocate at Google
Leon Stigter, Sr. Product Manager at Lightbend, Inc.
Rob Howes, CTO at Judopay

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See the full story and slides: https://www.lightbend.com/blog/akka-serverless-open-beta-stateful-services-made-simple

Watch Lightbend and special guests for the first public view of Akka Serverless, a new breed of hosted serverless platform that lets you create stateful, high-performance back-end services and APIs in your language of choice.

Akka Serverless offers a zero-friction development experience and takes away the complexities of managing cloud-based services and databases–freeing you to focus on the code that matters.