Part 1 - Developer Set Up and Console Overview

Sean Walsh, Cloud Product Evangelist at Lightbend, Inc.

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Welcome to Part 1 of our five-part workshop series providing a guided, expert tour of implementing a stateful serverless Java project with Akka Serverless. In this part, we quickly get you set up with an Akka Serverless account, walk through the dashboard and console, and experiment with deploying with our sample IoT application before reviewing what we accomplished in this session. Please send your questions and comments to us in the Akka Serverless discussion forum topic.

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About The Workshop Series

Serverless applications are rapidly gaining enterprise traction, yet truly mission-critical general purpose applications are not well served by stateless, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) platforms.

Akka Serverless is the first and only developer platform that combines the scalability and ease of use of current serverless models with the responsiveness of fully stateful services into one managed, cloud-based environment. This lets developers save time and money, while reducing headaches like DB management and configuration.

This 5-part workshop series provides a guided tour of Akka Serverless in Java, and will focus on:

  • The WHY of Akka Serverless, and discovering our developer-focused features–like support for stateful and stateless services, and a hands-off approach to databases that takes care of all the management and configuration for you.
  • Working with the Akka Serverless development console and dashboard, and how to utilize the documentation and CLI effectively.
  • Testing and deploying various sample applications before building and releasing your own low-latency, high scalability stateful serverless Java application.