Akka Workshop: Build Cloud Native Microservices on Kubernetes and AWS

Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate at Lightbend, Inc.


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About the webinar

This 5-part workshop series provides a guided, expert tour of implementing microservices with Akka Cloud Platform and Kubernetes.

From code and concepts to deployment, this series enables Java and Scala developers to rapidly create a functioning proof-of-concept: a microservices-based, cloud native Reactive Shopping Cart application on Kubernetes. From there, deploying to a cloud provider of your choice—namely with Akka Cloud Platform on the AWS Marketplace—is just a few keystrokes away.

This workshop series will focus on:

  • Guided walkthrough of the Akka Platform Guide's “Reactive Shopping Cart” microservices tutorial, starting from scratch.
  • Explore the code and technologies within the sample application, and the Reactive Principles and Patterns behind it all.
  • Deploy and deliver a cutting edge, cloud native microservices proof of concept that you can share with your colleagues and management team.


  • Part 1 (45 min) - Developer Set Up and gRPC Cart Service
  • Part 2 (50 min) - Event Sourcing and Cart Entity
  • Part 3 (50 min) - CQRS and Projections for Queriess
  • Part 4 (60 min) - CQRS and Projections for Kafka and gRPC
  • Part 5 (65 min) - Cloud Deployment with Kubernetes and AWS


  1. Visit the Akka Platform Guide development setup instructions to get prepared.
  2. Technologies required are Java 8+, favorite IDE, Maven, grpcurl, and Docker (plus Amazon Web Services account access for Part 5).