The Akka 10-Year Anniversary Magazine

Celebrating 10-years of Akka in this commemorative guide of white papers, blog posts and articles


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When Jonas Bonér, CTO and Co-founder of Lightbend, first created Akka in 2009, he named it after a group of glacier-wielding mountains in his native country of Sweden. Little did anyone predict that what began as a small project based on the Actor Model first imagined in 1973 would later become an industry leading OSS toolkit for building Reactive systems for the cloud—providing the distributed microservices runtime for companies like Amazon, Capital One, HPE, PayPal, Starbucks and Verizon.

Akka is the perfect choice for building cloud-native applications with tools like Kubernetes, OpenShift, and IBM Cloud as it was designed to support cloud-native application requirements such as distributed messaging, clustering, orchestration, elastic scaling, and, importantly, supervision and self-healing. With Akka, companies solve problems that were previously deemed impossible.

The 10-Year Akkaversary Magazine is a commemorative guide of white papers, blog posts and articles that have shaped the Akka journey. It’s a collector’s edition of curated content from Akka thought leaders, experts and contributors. In this guide, you will:

  • Learn about the most relevant concepts of Reactive Programming and Reactive Systems
  • Take a deep-dive on building cloud-native services with Akka and Kubernetes
  • Walk through Akka from A to Z
  • Understand how the top experts think about Akka and its future
  • Get a practical overview of Akka techniques and integrations

Now you can stop saving the Akka articles you love to your browser favorites and never seeing them again. Get the guide to find all of the most meaningful resources on Akka in one place.